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keyplus90 | 08:14 Tue 07th Aug 2012 | Travel
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I have couple of times booked hotel in Dubai and Sri Lanka through Their service, range, price seems OK but I just wonder what means or websites other people use. Especially people who have travelled a lot. May be they can tell me about something even better. Thanks.


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Expedia is good.
I find if I look something up on Tripadvisor, it brings up a variety of booking websites. Apparently they are all owned by Tripadvisor and usually all show the same rates, but once in a while one of them will be cheaper, so it may be worth hunting through them.

At short notice it may be worth looking at a hotel's own website, or even phoning them up, to see if they are prepared to offer last-minute discounts.
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Thanks to both of you. I checked Expedia (Trip advisor) etc but they all take you to same websites. In the end there is not much difference and seems fine.
I like laterooms - you don't always actually have to be that late! BA hotels are often a pretty good deal too.
I use Laterooms, Expedia, Travelocity and Ebookers.

I won't touch Lastminute as it uses a dynamic pricing strategy and the more you search for the same dates and location the price increases.
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Thanks to all of you. Now I know a little more about where to go and where to see. Booking already done. Thanks.
Have a good trip!

For future reference, here's something from

"Tricks to help you beat the system. Eg, NYC listed at £302/night for £75

It ain't where you stay, it's the way you book. Whether for trips now or later, hidden tricks can get you 5-star rooms at 2-star prices (but the magic doesn't always work). Full help in Cheap Hotels, but for starters...

The basics. Never assume one room, one price. If you've found a nice hotel, use comparison sites Trivago and TravelSup* to see where you can book it cheapest (though check taxes are included in final price). Savings can be huge, eg, we found Barcelona's Alimara hotel ranged from £52 to £179 for the same room, same night.
Turn detective to uncover secret 3-5 star discounts. For big cities worldwide, Lastminute* and Hotwire* sell secret hotels, where you only learn the name after paying. Use our tricks to uncover secret hotels to find their identity to see if it's a bargain worth staying at. One MoneySaver got the 4-star Millennium Hotel, London, for £35/night instead of its £143 list price.
BIG savings, complex trick, the Priceline US hotel loopholes. Giant US site Priceline lets you bid daily to set your price. If it's accepted, you get it. If not, you must wait a day. Our Priceline Bidding tricks guide has legal, multiple-bid techniques, so you can finesse the perfect price. One MoneySaver got the 3.5-star Helmsley Hotel, New York, for £75/night, not the £302 list price."

More stuff here:

Website =
is another website for reservation. this also a best website .
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