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FAO Bigfellah

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DTCwordfan | 12:27 Tue 22nd Mar 2011 | Travel
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Bigfellah, I will apologise to you if at you were offended by my flippancy last night.

By the way, the comment on the snuff/tobacco was made in earnest. A friend of mine actually did claim this on a flight to Morocco at Gatwick security and he was allowed through.

To loftylottie and trt, I do not apologise and I am somewhat put out that you reported. That was a decision of Bigfellah's and he is, I am sure, more than capable of defending his own patch. Yes, I agree if a youngster like Molly is being picked on, but no to someone of later generations. Even then, Molly is more than capable of defending her own patch. I would seriously miffed if someone was banned on making a flippant remark with me that I accepted or not. In short, it would be my decision not yours, as it is Bigfellah's in this case.

The AB world would be a far better place without having sanctamonious, pseudo-"policewomen" running around running exerting their own censorship, just because a remark or opinion is disasteful to you. Ixiom perhaps best summed it up and I seriously hope there was not a banning there because of your meddlesome comments.

However, back to Bigfellah, no harm meant and hopefully you see it like that. And apologies if I did cause you any distress.


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FAO Bigfellah

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