A quiet stay in Ibiza?

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Andyvon | 01:47 Sun 05th Apr 2009 | Destinations
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Is this possible?

My wife and I spend most of our life travelling. When we visit a new city or country we want to see and experience as much of the local scenery, people and culture as a week or two will allow. We love hiking and we often hire a car. We are usually out after dawn and in bed by about 10pm. We don't drink alcohol but we do like local food in good and quiet restaurants.

We've stayed in many locations in and around the Med. but we've always shied away from Ibiza. That's a shame as the photographs we've seen show a beautiful island where we would love to explore in a car and on foot.

However, we have never been and that's because - quite frankly - we are scared to! We've seen so many reports that Ibiza is crammed with hoards of Brits whose only intention is to spend all night getting as drunk as possible. Certainly, the locals in Mallorca and Menorca said they've cleaned their islands up and banished all the drunks to Ibiza!

We would love to tour Ibiza but does anyone know if the club scene goes quiet at any time. We usually travel in autumn and winter when most places are quiet and we hope Ibiza is the same. We really don't want to find ourselves being kept awake by bars and clubs and drunks rolling around the hotel and into the late morning. We've had that in other places in the summer which is why we stay away from the Med. at that time of year.

Thanks in anticipation.


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I can't offer any direct advice but lots of website suggest that November to January is the best time to visit Ibiza. (October seems to be particularly well-recommended, although it might be best to avoid the UK schools' half-term holiday period). For example, see this website: uides/europe/spain/ibiza/weather.asp

There are plenty of websites which seem to be dedicated to telling people where they can get drunk quickest (and in the noisiest of bars), but the site which might help you plan your type of visit is the official website of the Balearic Institute of Tourism:

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Thank you Chris. The links are very helpful.

Careful planning seems to be the answer I think.
Hi, i have been to Ibiza on a number of occassions. My ex liked to party, and i like a nice quiet time exploring and relaxing - and we managed to find both.

The North of the island is quieter and has some lovely beaches and coves. The main places to avoid if you want to avoid the "scene" are San Antonio and Platja D'en Bossa.

Ibiza Town is interesting, lots of history so do go for a visit for at least a day and in an evening, however it does still have lively nightlife,
Ooops,itchy trigger finger!

Should have said, lively nightlife, so you may want to base yourselves elsewhere and visit.

If you look at a map ( p_i.htm)
Starting at Santa Ines on the West coast, all the way round to Cala llonga are nice places. There are nice untrashy places on the south too (Jondal, caleta), but as i said before, north is quieter.

Ibiza spotlight has some good info on different towns, so worth a browse of the website.
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Thank you Kira,

I'm pleased there are many such locations and routes. The photos we have seen look very attractive and tempting but we've always been put off. I suppose Ibiza has to feature the clubbing and drinking so much as it's obviously a mainstay of the island's economy.

In view of what you and Chris have said I think we will go this year, probably in October or November. We will certainly stay on the west or north coasts and visit Ibiza Town. Thank you very much and thanks for the link too.

Hi Andyvon, My husband and I have been there twice, last may was the last time. If you go at the beginning of May the clubs are not opened up yet. We stayed just across from San Antonio on the bay and had a very quite time. There was hardly anyone about at all. It is a beautiful island as we have had a car and driven aroad. Go on and go you will enjoy it. Out of season.
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Thank you lilacben,

As a result of these replies we have decided to go. We can't make it this spring but we will go later this year. Thanks for your time.
you might like to check out Santa Eulalia on Ibiza - very quiet and much more slow paced than other resorts. It has a fantastic marina with lovely restaurants. There are no nightclubs there.
i do know that the authorities in Ibiza are clamping down on the club scene and a lot of the big clubs are closing and the ones that arent are not allowed to stay open as late as they used to. If you visit in May or october the weather is still great but its a lot quieter.
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Thanks jefner,

I think most of these places are starting to get sick of the drunks. It sounds as if Santa Eulalia is the sort of location we enjoy so we will look at hotels there. Thanks again.
Hi, yes I live in Ibiza, Sta Eulalia (have for the last 38yrs) and although the Clubbing scene is being toned down it is rather noisy in summer. However the big clubs usually close down by mid sept, but the drunks are still around. Obviously in Nov/April it is a very quiet island and most discos are shut as is everything else. It is a beautiful island with stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets. Ryanair do fly direct all year round but the hotels will all be closed, although there will be hostals which are like small hotels, and you would be able to have a lovely quiet holiday. I love it here in winter. Good luck
There is one good hostal open all year with private bath but no food, it is Hostal Sa Rota and my family and friends have all stayed there.
It has to be said that Pacha, one of the bigger disco/nightclubs is open all year on Fri/Sat/Sun night, so best to stay away from Talamanca/Ibiza at the weekends.
I stayed in Santa Eulalia a few years ago and it was a nice quiet town. It was so easy to get to Ibiza Town on the local bus only about 20 minutes ride away and quite cheap. Ibiza Town by the way is a nice quiet place too with a large beautiful castle. I would definately go back. San Antonio is just one town in Ibiza and you don't need to go anywhere near it.
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Thank you again everyone.

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