latvia (riga)

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bongovanman | 02:19 Fri 12th Jan 2007 | Destinations
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hi.thinking of going to riga soon.anyone suggest a good hostel for a coupla nights,and where to get uk brand ciggies,the best way to get around.may be traveling solo....many thanks


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don't know about you're question, but remember you can only bring back 200 cigarettes. No limit on other tobacco though. Look at bottom of page. p/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_page Label=pageTravel_ShowContent&id=HMCE_PROD_0102 21&propertyType=document
The hotel bergs. see their web site.

We stayed there in August 06

Its the best hotel Ive ever stayed in and not silly prices either.

Riga is wonderful
You can pretty much walk around the city centre, very safely, it has an excellent bus service and good train service to the beach in Jumala.

we flew from Liverpool

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