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BioShockBioShock was one of the best selling games of 2007, receiving critical acclaim across the board, making it one of the highest scoring games of all time.2K games chose to incorporate a unique mix of role-playing, survival horror and first-person shooter elements into BioShock, as well as giving gamers a captivat...14:16 Mon 05th Jul 2010

Pandora (iPhone)

Pandora (iPhone)Known online as Pandora Radio, the Pandora application is essentially music radio that allows users to enter the name of an artist they like, and then they are presented with other artists that produce a similar vein of music.These suggestions are based on user recommendations and ratings, creating futu...12:41 Fri 02nd Jul 2010


Avatar is currently the highest-grossing film of all time in North America. This science fiction genre story directed by James Cameron stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, and Michelle Rodriguez. Following the film's success, Cameron stated that there will be at least tw...15:07 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Star Trek XI Widgets Star Trek XI is the one of the greatest Sci-fi films of recent years. The film has become the highest-grossing in the Star Trek series and is credited by the media as a reboot of the series. Leonard Nimoy stars as an alternate version of himself which gives the film tremendous credibility.Th...11:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010


FacebookThe Facebook site is a cross between your personal digital scrapbook, and a running discussion with your friends. On Facebook, you can post pretty much anything about yourself, from songs to photos to movies to religious beliefs, and then invite your friends to check it out.It's also a great way to reconnect wi...09:06 Wed 30th Jun 2010

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GSThe faster processor and the improved camera are merely incremental upgrades, but the iPhone 3GS's new hardware augments some highly innovative software. Gaming runs more smoothly on the 3GS, making the iPhone a superior entertainment device. And being able to record video and upload directly to YouTube adds ...09:06 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Rock Band

Rock Band is a series of video games developed for a number of games consoles, including Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.You can buy the game separately or purchase it in a set, complete with microphone, drums and guitar, allowing your family and friends to join in with you as attempt to become the greatest ro...09:06 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Google Earth

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographic information program, mapping the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe.Google Earth was released in 2005 and was made available across a number of systems, allowing users to browse most destinations...09:06 Wed 30th Jun 2010

The App Store

The App Store is a service for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad created by Apple Inc. which allows users to browse and download applications from the iTunes Store.With over 5 billion downloads since its release in July 2008, the App Store has proven to be a huge success for Apple, simultaneously answering critics fears ...09:06 Wed 30th Jun 2010


Meccano is an iconic global toy brand. It is more than just a toy; it is educational, teaching basic mechanical principles like levers and gearing. Some of the more famous brands made by Meccano include SPYKEE and ERECTOR. The system is so versatile that even pre-school children can construct using Meccano.Originally c...16:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Lego is one of the world’s most famous toy brands. The company's flagship product, Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, mini-figures and various other parts. In the hands of children, the products inspire the unique form of LEGO play that is fun, creative, engagi...16:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. They supply such varied items as automotive parts, power tools for both professional and domestic use, household appliances, industrial technology and security systems. The Bosch brand...15:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


BP is a leading global energy company. As a multinational oil company BP is the UK's largest corporation. BP's tagline is "Beyond Petroleum" represents their focus on meeting the growing demand for fossil fuels, manufacturing and delivering more advanced products, and enabling the material transition to a lower carbon ...15:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Nintendo is one of the top brands in the electronic gaming industry. Makers of such world famous consoles as Gameboy, GameCube, Wii and Nintendo DS are a presence in almost every home in the UK. The company has introduced the world to some of its most iconic computer games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario and The Legen...15:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Dyson is one of the most recognised brands in the world. Its main products are vacuum cleaners that use cyclonic separation. From the first upright vacuum cleaner launched in 1993 there is now a whole range of Dyson products including several types of upright and cylinder cleaner, washing machines and hand driers.The f...15:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Duracell is one of the world’s number one brands for batteries. They produce two main types of batteries alkaline and rechargeable. Alkaline are suitable for most everyday uses for example toys, remote controls, cameras and other portable electrical items. Also manufactured are specialty batteries for cameras, watche...14:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


PlayStation is one of the most well known gaming brands. PlayStation has brought us such iconic games as Spyro, Pandemonium, Eye Toy, Crash Banidcoot, and Ratchet and Clank. The brand consists of a total of three consoles, a media centre, an online service and a handheld, PSP, as well as multiple magazines.The PlayStat...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010

Computer Active

Computer Active is the UK’s most accessible guide to buying and getting the most from the latest technology. The website is updated daily and gives free access to a wide range of step-by-step guides, reviews, PC help topics, video tutorials, news stories, exclusive offers, competitions and more. Computer Active is a ...16:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Dell is one of the leading computer supplies in the world. It develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. Dell continues to drive standards and remove costs in desktop technology, laptops, monitors and accessories. Dell products such as Inspiron and Precision are available through its webs...15:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Apple is a world leader in the consumer electronics industry. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. These are supported by Apple software such as Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity softwar...15:39 Wed 26th May 2010

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