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katekoala | 09:40 Mon 11th Oct 2010 | Technology
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i know we all get it, but usually I only get 4-8 a day, but last 2 days, i have literally received 145+ ! in the space of a few hours (when my computer was left on overnight) I have done a virus scan etc, but nothing was identified ... is there anything else I am missing? (checked, have firewall and anti virus installed & active)


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The fact your computer is left on will not effect how much spam or junk mail you get.

Also a firewall or anti virus will not stop this becuase getting spam email is, in itself, not a virus or firewall problem.

Are these all actual spam emails, or are they emails returned from OTHER people saying the email address does not exist.

If it the latter (returned emails) then your email address may have been hacked to send OUT spam and junk mail.
Have you signed up to any forums recently or posted your email address in a forum?
Try putting your email address in google and see if you get any results. If you see any, so will the spammers.
I sometimes go to my ISP's 'webmail' and see emails there. Thankfully my ISP recognises a lot of spam and junks it automatically, plus I can add filters to stop others. Mailwasher is also a great help with its blacklist and will bounce unwanted emails back where they came from (sometimes sources that I used for on-line shopping!). Were it not for these 'defences' I would be getting up to 3,000 emails a week, partly due to the fact that my email address appeared on a website. Hope these comments might be of some interest to you.
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no no - they were all junk (viagra/sex drugs/ etc etc) not returned mail due to being hacked. will google email address... and see ... pain in the bum as sometimes emails i do want end up going to my spam, and with 145 additions, I now have to look through all the address' to see if I recognise them. oh well ....

thanks guys ! :)
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arrghhhh - i dont think this is it - but my email details (and mobile) come up on a google search from an ebay auction in 2004 !!!!!!! how can I get this removed?
You could try contacting ebay.

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Spam/Junk Mail

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