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Would You Recommend The AnswerBank To Someone Who Has Never Used The Internet Before?

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AB Editor | 15:21 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | Technology
32 Answers
In light of a new initiative called "Get Online Week" The AnswerBank wondered if you'd introduce a friend to AnswerBank as their first click online?

From the i-volunteer site:
"Various problems are faced by those who are curious but hesitant about using the internet, including lack of confidence and skills, concerns about security and safety, and the cost of an internet connection. Get Online week aims to increase understanding of the benefits of being online, and to develop people’s self-assurance in venturing online."

We would love to hear your reasons for either answer.

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Would You Recommend The AnswerBank To Someone Who Has Never Used The Internet Before?

  • Yes, of course! - 31 votes
  • 63%
  • Not a chance! - 18 votes
  • 37%

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Naw, I just come here to eat my lunch.
i would if i could stop them seeing chatterbank, as it would be enuf to put anybody of the internet for good
I would
my brother has very little knowledge of the internet really, but was amazed when I sat him down by my p.c. and showed him how AB worked --he was amazed and couldnt praising all the good folk that he spoke to on here. He really needed cheering up and you lot done the trick x
I recommended this site to the daughter.........unfortunately she now reads everything I say about her.
hi craft! why did you let your daughter know your password, x lol
Yes it is a good all round site, something for everyone.

But I would warn anyone about the news section, because it seems to be inhabited mainly by left wing supporters, who don't take a shine to anyone who has opposing views.

These bully boys and girls will personally insult, name call, and generally try and belittle a person, in an attempt to brain wash one to their way of thinking.

All this will frighten some new comers from speaking their mind and has driven some from further posting.
Question Author
Dear AOG, you wouldn't want it any other way.

Piggy, Oh, there are worse places on the internet than CB!

Great story Puss, nice to know it does some good.

Spare Ed
No I wouldn't because I think they need to play with Google first, its wide open and they are not going to be criticised if they do or say something wrong. There too many ABers who are pedantic and others make what they think are clever put-down remarks. No it's not for newbies.
I think this is a lovely site but a bit too full on for new users.
Spare Ed .

Send me a few hundred folding and i'll spread the word about AB in my neighbourhood
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Would You Recommend The AnswerBank To Someone Who Has Never Used The Internet Before?

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