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Would You Recommend The AnswerBank To Someone Who Has Never Used The Internet Before?

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AB Editor | 15:21 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | Technology
32 Answers
In light of a new initiative called "Get Online Week" The AnswerBank wondered if you'd introduce a friend to AnswerBank as their first click online?

From the i-volunteer site:
"Various problems are faced by those who are curious but hesitant about using the internet, including lack of confidence and skills, concerns about security and safety, and the cost of an internet connection. Get Online week aims to increase understanding of the benefits of being online, and to develop people’s self-assurance in venturing online."

We would love to hear your reasons for either answer.

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Would You Recommend The AnswerBank To Someone Who Has Never Used The Internet Before?

  • Yes, of course! - 31 votes
  • 63%
  • Not a chance! - 18 votes
  • 37%

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Oy, I just voted and it's not showing!
Takes a few minutes (15 I think) to update the results CAS
-- answer removed --
Ah, never was very patient.
oh a tough call there ED, if they haven't used the internet then to come into the AB,,,perhaps one of the other sections to start with other than CB, it can be quite ruthless in there at times although newbies are normally warmly welcomed, I would say ask a qustion in B&S for instance before dipping their toes into CB i.m.o
I most certainly would recommend AB to any newcomer who is using their PC for the first time. Most subjects are catered for in the various sections and if they need Technical advice there is always Free Help available from the technically minded ABers.
It's an interesting site for most people.
The only downside to it like many other Forum Sites are the Trolls who try and spoil everything for reasons only known to them !
it depends who it was. some of my my mates would just be clicking on sites with pictures... and videos....
heavens no, start with Google - there's a reason search is so big - then maybe hotmail/gmail so they can do emails - then maybe a news site (BBC probably) if they want to know what's going on in the world. Then finally, when they want to learn about trolling, flouncing and Islamophobia....
I voted 'yes' because I enjoy answerbank. But then I had a thought. I (hopefully) don't think anybody I know in real life is on AB (except someone I met on here), so they might find me out and it might shatter some illusions and they would know more than I want them to.

So 'no' is my answer, but that's for all the wrong reasons!!
errmm yes...I mean No, errm I thinks so LL

Still musing over what "arious problems " are....
no, not for a real newbie and for the reasons lottie mentioned in fact probably more so......
My brother also found his way to this site on his own.

I think that a person new to the internet may be frightened away after a weekend on AB, some times people are overly harsh to new people as they are suspected of being Trolls. This is surely going to confuse new people.

It is a good site but some times it gets a bit like a pub fight - all bickering and throwing insults but nobody really knowing the root cause of the fight.
And the Answer LoftyLottie is................Maybe !x lol
-- answer removed --
clash of personalities woof or just taking a dislike of how one
Yeah... I have done in the past.
The only people I know who've never used the Internet, are not yet old enough to read...
Yes no problem, I got nothing to hide either.
NO< _ this is my little part of the net, where I can chat, give opinions, flirt, and divulge things my home friends don't even know. Thats one of the reasons I use a pen-name too.soo NO this is mine. If they've got a Q then I'll help em out by asking AB but I won't tell em who AB is.

Am I selfish.


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