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FRYT | 19:48 Fri 21st May 2010 | Technology
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my msn usa homepage has recently been replaced by msn uk which i don't there a way in which i can restore my msn usa homepage?
its seems as though they are restricted access to us site?
any help appreciated.


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Assuming that you're in the UK (as you appear to be) you should be taken to the UK version of MSN. However you should also find an overlay on the page, where you can click on 'Always take me to MSN US'. Doing so will place an appropriate cookie onto your PC. (Remember though, that if you clear cookies from your computer you'll get the UK site again).

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thanks buenchico[chris]
but i have done this several times. but in the last few days this appears to be meaningless
I doubt that it's a problem with MSN. It's more likely that your browser is 'losing' cookies. Check that neither your browser nor any security software is set to delete cookies at the end of each session. Then check that you're using the latest version of your browser and, of course, that you're actually using a decent browser in the first place (which means Firefox, Chrome, Opera . . . anything, in fact, other than the dreaded, pathetic Internet Explorer!)

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thanks again i will investigate further.

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msn usa homepage

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