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Are Social Networking Websites Safe?

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AB Editor | 15:01 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | Technology
26 Answers

With recent events highlighting the dangers of using social networking sites, we thought we'd ask you about your views on social websites like Facebook, MySpace and even The AnswerBank.


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Which social networking websites do you regularly use?

  • Facebook - 53 votes
  • 42%
  • I only use The AnswerBank - 44 votes
  • 35%
  • Other - 13 votes
  • 10%
  • Twitter - 6 votes
  • 5%
  • Yahoo! Answers - 6 votes
  • 5%
  • Flickr - 3 votes
  • 2%
  • MySpace - 0 vote
  • 0%
  • Bebo - 0 vote
  • 0%

When you use social networking websites, do you feel that your personal information and other data is safe?

  • Maybe. I think my data is safe but I don’t like giving information out anyway. - 43 votes
  • 48%
  • I never use my real name and location when signing up to websites. - 19 votes
  • 21%
  • Yes, but I fear that my details are used for marketing purposes. - 12 votes
  • 13%
  • Yes, I trust the website with my data fully. - 9 votes
  • 10%
  • No, I think my data is auctioned off to the highest bidder! - 7 votes
  • 8%

Do you worry that the people you talk to on social networking websites aren’t who they say they are?

  • Yes, I try to distance myself from making ‘friends’ on websites because of this. - 41 votes
  • 48%
  • Yes, but it doesn’t bother me. - 27 votes
  • 31%
  • No, I don’t care because I’ll talk to them anyway! - 17 votes
  • 20%
  • No, I trust people entirely. - 1 vote
  • 1%

Do you maintain private contact with people on social networking websites who you’ve never met in person?

  • No. - 50 votes
  • 56%
  • Yes, but only occasionally. - 23 votes
  • 26%
  • No, but I would if I was asked. - 9 votes
  • 10%
  • Yes, on a regular basis. - 7 votes
  • 8%
  • Yes, but it was a one off. - 1 vote
  • 1%

Would you ever meet up in person with someone from a social networking website?

  • No. - 25 votes
  • 27%
  • No! Especially if I was meeting someone from The AnswerBank! They’re a bunch of nutters! - 16 votes
  • 18%
  • Unsure. - 13 votes
  • 14%
  • Yes, but only in a group. - 12 votes
  • 13%
  • Yes, on my own. - 10 votes
  • 11%
  • Yes, but only those who I have known for 1 year or more. - 8 votes
  • 9%
  • No, it’s not that I don’t trust them, but the situation would make me uncomfortable. - 7 votes
  • 8%

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Question Author
Some futher interesting Stats here:

All the best,

Spare Ed
Interesting poll here, Ed.
Question Author
Thanks Society!

Not too much uptake on a debate though!

Spare Ed
They are as safe as you make them/want them to be.
I enjoy the virtual anonymity of AB, and don't FB, MySpace or Bebo.
I did use the Private Messaging facility on *whisper* SAB because I found it a useful way of continuing 'board discussions' on a more private basis, enabling me to explain more fully my thoughts, views and experiences to individual Abers rather than having to either announce them to everyone on AB, or be ham-strung in the completeness of my posts on the main board.
I may well arrange to meet someone from AB but am old enough and wise enough to stay safe when doing so.
Question Author
I would broadly agree with that. Some can be more invasive than others. For example, has anyone here used Google Buzz? You certainly didn't sign up for that - but it is there!

All the best

Spare Ed
jackthehat heads for first face-to-face meeting with legend...

Pah !
He'd need to bring more than that, jno............! :o)
"Are Social Networking Websites Safe?"

I believe as long as one does not give out too much personal information, they're ok. Just an observation on AB - I've seen many times where some of the thing folks on here said came back to haunt them. Their input was innocently done and it was used as a weapon against them.
Answerbank is 'home' I hardly visit anywhere else.
I use Answerbank and a couple of Music Forums. I don't feel the need for anywhere else.
What's *whisper* SAB?
sports answer bank

did i say that out loud arghhhhhhhh *runs*
Get back...

Did it have a private message service?
I didn't know that. Has it still got one?
i'd guess so i very rarely venture in thre its a bit like the wild west in there
As an Answerbank user for only four months,I thoroughly enjoy being able to use this
site.I have no wish to join any other,even if I knew how to !!
I'm going to have a look....
Can't find anything......

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