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Open Office or Word

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bradmoor | 19:51 Fri 12th Mar 2010 | Technology
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I have recently changed my Operating System to Windows 7 and as a result have had to acquire a new
Woird Processor. I have both Works 9 and Open Office but neither of these give me a usable system for producing envelope addresses- my old Works 2000 was brilliant,but was not compatible with Windows 7, but for some reason Microsoft and Sun have made it almost impossible to address and print out the address on an envelope!Why do progammers muck about with something that has worked perfectly for years! Can anyone suggest where I may be going wrong?


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I use Open Office and print plenty of envelopes.
I have files of addresses for different size envelopes. Go to FORMAT, PAGE, PAGE TAB and select envelope size (DL, C/5, etc) and position of the address in relation to the envelope.
I have MS Office 2007 on my machine, but I never use it - I use Open Office. I can't imagine why you don't think it's usable, or why you can't print an envelope.
Click Format/Page
Select the type of envelope from the dropdown.
Select the orientation: portrait or landscape
set your margins
click ok
Type in the address and print.

You can of course save the layout as a template for future use:
Delete the address
Click File/Templates/Save
Give it a name, click OK

To use the template, click File/New/Templates and Documents
Click Templates on the left
Double-click the template name on the right

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Open Office or Word

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