New Acer Laptop - Query With Word!

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moggie 939 | 12:01 Wed 22nd Jul 2020 | Technology
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Thanks for everyone who helped me set up my new Acer a few weeks ago. This is a puzzler.....

On my old laptop I had old Word 2003 from a disc I had but this new Acer would not accept it. When I bought this Acer it had an offer of a new MS Office with Word free for 6 months but I did not take this up or download it.

In 'my docs' I have quite a few docs which were originally Word and show the icon against them. When I click to open them they open fine but in Word 2010!! I am happy with this as I like Word rather than Open Office but how did this happen - I looked in my Progs and Features list and Word is not shown as downloaded.




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Many laptops come with a free trial edition of Microsoft Word included; I suspect that's what's on yours. (As the trial edition is effectively embedded into Windows itself, it might not necessarily show up in your list of installed apps).

It's possible that th trial is time-limited, so don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself prompted to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365!
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Thanks Buenchico - I thought of that, but it says Windows 2010!

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New Acer Laptop - Query With Word!

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