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squidgey | 03:00 Fri 17th Dec 2004 | Technology
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hi im a small business owner and i wish to have my own website

i dont have an idea about how to go about it or what i need so any suggestions would be handy

im looking to use my business name for the address and email and hopefully have a few pages

im not very experianced useing pc's or internet so i want one that easy to use but still as good as other websites!!!

i dont want any adverts on it other than the ones i put on !

im not planning on using many pics and graphics but you never can tell so one that will grow with my ideas preferably

any ideas????


oh yes im also on a budget i dont know how much these things cost


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Most ISP's give you free webspace (50mb for example).

You may have for example an e-mail addy of [email protected] and webspace reserved for you" target="_blank">">www.squidgey.example

You can buy a domain name from a lot of places, I bought my 2 addys from Lycos. You have the facility of webpointing so anyone going to an the domain you buy, example.. will be redirected to .. You can use a very simple html code so that remains in the address bar on people's internet explorer browser.

Pictures are simple to use on websites, and it is true that a picture can paint a thousand words.

If you need any help let me know.

Have a look at Dreamweaver or MS Frontpage for building web pages.  Personally I prefer Dreamweaver, but I think Frontpage might be easier for the complete beginner.  If you want someone to do it for you, I'd say a 5 static (no logins, forums etc) page site with design would cost you .. say.. �500ish.  Probably 1 day to iron out requirements, 1 day for design, 1 day for building.
You could try this ISP
I use this lot: for this site:" target="_blank">"> . It's all template-based, or you can use Net Fusion (which they supply with certain packages). You can test their proprietary designer (Website Creator) online - it's very easy to use!

you could try

They offer a 25 page website with personal email and a really easy to use web site builder.

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