Looking for a cheap international SMS service?

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Seb139 | 18:52 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | Technology
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Can anyone please recommend a service that they've used themselves that provides cheap global text messaging?... I use to be with O2 that charged a flat rate of 10p per text for international texts which I could just about live with. But now I am with and have been told that international texts are charged at a flat rate of 25.6p per text!!!

Of course I've googled for "cheap international SMS" and it comes back with a whole host of websites providing the service. But I wanted to see first if anyone here could recomend one they've actually used. I'm not looking for one with a recurring monthly charge, just one that you can add credit to and use as and when needed (without the credit expiring). If it's a webservice that sends the text as though it's coming from my mobile number then that would be fantastic!... Finally, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 contract phone, so if the website provides an App for Android phones such as mine (I know some provide Apps for iphones) then that would be really handy.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards



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hmm... no one out there with any suggestions? :)
I'd go back to O2 if I were you - they have a monthly bolt on for international texts, we use texts a lot as OH works across Europe.
Have you tried ...CLICKATELL ?
whats app...... i dont personally use it but hunners o ma mates do... its free for pics sms and video x
i dare say sebastian youll hae figured it out by now lol.... only just clocked the date on ya post.... think i need more sleep ;) x
Yes, I can recommend a service. As I am the owner of a multinational company, I need to send bulk SMS to all my employees. For this, I use a service that costs a reasonable rate. The services you should look for in an ideal SMS service are:
1. Security
2. Authentication
3. Accurate delivery reports
4. Simplistic interface
5. Call back for incoming events
For more details, you can visit
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