little intercom system for office

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what..the? | 17:20 Thu 27th Aug 2009 | Technology
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Hello I want to get a little cheap intercom system for the office. I dont want to have to drill into the wall or door frame because its not my building and hope I can get something which is like a little box for outside the door which I can just use sticky pads to attach to the door frame and then maybe tape or tack the wire down and under the door.

I have seen this one on amazon (below) but I cannot see if this is the right thing or not? I just want people to touch a button and be able to speak me? able-Fixings/dp/B001AWNZC2/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8 &s=miscellaneous&qid=1251384647&sr=8-21

There is this model which is battery operated but does that mean batteries inside the little box for outside because that would make it too heavy to sticky tab to the door frame. -Batteries-Supplied/dp/B000KGYDSE/ref=pd_cp_ce _1

Any help would be great, thanks


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try this 633269e2010535b85db0970b-800wi

batteries not included

there is no other device I know that doesn't need batteries.

I'm interested though ... shelves - how do you fix them without screws?
I imagine as long as you leave the intercom when you leave - there won't be a problem

Whenever I need an intercom....I always get them from these people.... t_id=21

The 9 volt battery is always fitted in the receiver unit, which is indoors.

I suppose you could use velcro with an adhesive backing to secure it....I have always used screws myself !
and what sort of money do you spend on this myriad of intercoms

I liked the Please call us for a quote

you sort of know it's going to be expensive .... but if you ring ....
Question Author
oh yes I do hate that 'please ring' no thank you lol

Thanks for the answers

I dont like buying from small companies. Are you both saying the first intercom or second I suggested will not work?

eagle have been round for donkey's years - I'd get that one
Sorry guys...I've given you duff information regarding Solon...It never occured to me that they dont really want to deal directly with the public...I automatically contact them,if it's anything to do with security...they cant be beaten on price.
A 9v intercom costs me under �10.
A mains powered intercom about �16.
I happen to have a trade account with them, and have used them for the past 4 years.
I recently had a mains powered intercom delivered for �26...that included �10 p+p.
It appears I got 60% discount.
Once again ..sorry...non trade cutomers wont get the same deal.
Perhaps I should be selling intercoms instead of fitting them...?
Have a look on eBay if you want something cheap and cheerful.
Get the help from the peole expert in the field. They can provide you with the best solution to your communication needs. I hope can help.
If you have an existing phone wirings or phone system then a VoIP or virtual PBX phone system will work just fine.


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little intercom system for office

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