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spotit3 | 23:52 Mon 24th Aug 2009 | Technology
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I have not used my Dell laptop for quite a while and cannot remember my password. As I was on as administrator I now cannot get into it. Is there any way I can restore it to its original condition so I can start afresh. I have nothing on it that I mind losing.


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What operating system is it (XP, Vista, etc).

Is this a Windows password, or is it a password that the laptop's BIOS asks for before Windows loads?
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Hi Vagrant

It is Windows Vista. I presume it is a Windows password as I put it on to ensure my grandchildren couldn't download anything without my permission.
There are tools to do this but see: orgetvistapass.htm

for some suggestions. k.html

this is the best freebie - read the instructions though
Dell laptops usually have a restore partition on them so you can restore it to how it was on day 1 and hence lose all of your documents, installed programs, changed settings, etc...

If all else fails you might want to try this.

Press CTRL + F11 when you switch it on and see the Dell logo, then follow the instructions.
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Oops!!!! Sorry everybody. Just realised my laptop is running XP. Thanks for all replies.

I couldn't use anything from the earlier answers as since I cannot log on without my password I cannont access the internet to download the suggested programs.
Hammer, I have tried pressing Ctrl +F11 but then I get a lot of stuff I don't understand.

Title of page is Phoenix ixBIOS Utility.

According to the menu F9 would load factory installed default optopns. I tried this but it still asks me for my password in Windows.

I tried ringing Dell and they were prepared to help me at a small cost of �53!
most Dell computers have a 'shadow' password. Dell faxed same to me at no cost; t'was a different model to my present pc.
You should be able to restore to factory condition without the password. What model is it?
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Hi Hammer, It is a Dell Inspiron 1501 running Windows XP
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tambourine, How did you contact Dell. When I went online with them they told me I would have to phone. When I rang the number given to me I was told it would cost �53 to reset it and a shadow password was not even mentioned.
This relates specifically to the Inspiron 1501 from the Dell Support website. Maybe you picked the wrong option or something, but give this another try ins1501/en/om_en/html/trouble.htm#wp1064167
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Thanks Hammer, you are a star! That did the trick. My mistake was in pressing CTRL,F11 as soon as I saw the Dell name, instead of waiting for the top blue bar.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
Long time ago , I was confronted with the password problem. Finally , my friend Jane introduce a Windows password Reset tool: to me .It helps me access windows.

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