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will2607uk | 00:49 Thu 28th Oct 2004 | Technology
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My flatmate uses Kazaa and has recently found she has the "keenval.o" virus on her laptop (which runs on XP), spotted by AVG, but couldn't be wiped of quarantined. She has uninstalled Kazaa which prompted AVG to say there was a virus contained in the "Perfectnav" folder, which again can't be removed. We both have no idea how to remove these two things, even after using Anti Trojan Horse Scanner. Any advice peeps?


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Go to and enter the virus name in the search box, you should get removal instructions.
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Should? It can't find the virus... any other takers?
Might be talking out of my backside here (never having used AVG) but maybe it is reporting Spyware as viruses? Have you tried running Adware and/or Spybot?

This website has removal instructions;

Just type in Perfectnav + Removal into Google, and it comes up with many sites.  Good luck.

Unistall kazaa , I had same trouble and shedloads of viruses , Although on the add/remove programs it kep coming up that the unistall shield had encoutered problems and had to close , So I downloaded kazaa again along with all the cr** that goes with it p2p / altnet etc etc and as soon as it was downloaded and installed I uninstalled it from add/remove programs . Now I am hoping for no more nasties !!!!!
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Kazaa, Keenval.O, Perfectnav...

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