I need a new printer

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me again | 11:37 Fri 30th Jan 2009 | Technology
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Ok I need a new printer and the old ink jet printers are not up to the job far to expensive to run and need replaceing every year !

Which Laser printer would you recomend ?
I need to be able to print colour brouchers , cerfificates documents and photos.
I need to take into account

Running cost
Replacement Cartridges
Purchase price
life of the printer
different thinkness of paper/card
I cant have a stand alone printer (a big one) as I dont have the room
Double side printing ( not essentual)
only need A4 and smaller
A bonus would be a built in scannner coppier




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I think you will need to stay with ink jet.
We have colour laser in the office. Unable to cope with photo quality and it is very expensive regarding ink.
I have had HP, Epson and Canon and I found the latter the better of the three.
Whichever make you choose, though, get the model with the most ink cartridges. Some will only take 3 plus black. Others 5 plus black.
HP and Brother are always well recommended for laser printers. Samsung good for a cheaper price too.

Colour lasers used to be very expensive. They've come down a lot, but the really good ones are still very expensive compared to their B&W counterparts.
If you need colour brochures you will probably find a printer (as in a man who will do it for you, rather than a machine sitting in your house) will be more cost effective, depending on the quantity you need. Set up costs are high but run ons can be very cheap.
if photos are important to you i would not go for the laser printer, as quality is far less than with inkjet. if you only want to go up as far as a4 size the canon ip4300 i can thouroughly reccommend
I have an Epson Photo R200 (6 ink) inkjet and a Samsung CLP300 laser. I much prefer the quality of the photos from the laser, which is also reliable, prints on a wide range of media, and much cheaper to run than the Epson. The lastest incarnation of this printer is the CLP310.
I agree with alanlad, I do a lot of printing and have the canon ip4300 I bought it new on ebay for less than the price of a new set of cartridges and it was delivered the next day. It has 5 cartridges
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Thank you for all your replies

I would like to come away from the ink jet style printer as I seem to have nothing but problems with all the ones I have had in the passed

The idea of subbing out the brouchers is a good one but not possible, the bouchers change an a regular basis so to print a stock off would be pointless and wastful.

I have to say I always thought that the laser printers were supposed to be a quicker, better quality and cheaper to run than the inkjet ! is this wrong ?

At the moment I have a epsom cx4000 and it takes 10-12 minutes to print a broucher of ten pages and I get around 8 brouchers to each set of cartridges (mainly the blue one)

I have found that cheap copy replacment cartridges are no where near as good print quality as the genuine cartridges .

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I need a new printer

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