dvdi put dvd in drive to copy

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henrys | 20:45 Thu 07th Aug 2008 | Technology
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i put dvd in drive to copy
pressed copy ok
itsaid successely done
put in a blank cd rw to copy
that was done ok
tried to play back the copy dsc
nothing happens
just wondering what i am doing wrong
have not done it before


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First some details of which os you are using win xp or vista or is it a mac.
Is it a film type dvd, commercial or otherwise as win xp doesn't cope with copying dvds in the same way as you would copy files onto a cd. If it was commercial you'd need to use a decrypter (try dvd decrypter) then a burning prog such as imgburn or nero. If not you'd still need to use nero or similar.
Is it a data disc, word proc. files, photos, mp3 music etc, again you'd need to use nero or imgburn if on win xp.
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using xp firefox
its a carry on film on dvd
Thanks ,
Firefox is your web browser and doesn't have any bearing on how you copy a dvd.

If you read through this article _copy_dvd_with_dvd_shrink.cfm

Some later dvds have css encryption that can only be bypassed using dvd decrypter. Look here for info and download advice. Check out the guides bit first and got to ripping.
You copied a DVD to CD? That's unusual...
Question Author
thanks for info
it did say on the screen
copied successfully
but put the cd in again
it did not show anything

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dvdi put dvd in drive to copy

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