memory stick/usb flash drive ect

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PinkFlower | 20:13 Thu 07th Aug 2008 | Technology
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now i'm not stupid! i know what one is, and i could easily go and buy one. but i'm going into my a levels and need a decent one. 2gb, maybe 4gb, and there are so many and i would just like to know if there is any brands in particular i should avoid, or any i shoudl be particularly intrested in! i just wanted general advice, because i don't want to spend �10-�20 on a memory stick that's not going to be any good! it's not a big deal but i would be very grateful for any advice! thankyou in advance (:


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you probably get several answers disagreeing with me but I don't think it really makes much difference, USB memory sticks aren't really complicated technology and they are all much the same

Just make sure you get a USB 2 one

they are silly cheap online though
I like this one - a bit pricier, but very rugged.

I have wasted too much money on cheaper sticks that have got damaged
I disagree with everybody ... there I've said it ... everybody especially chuck ;-) (he's always right!)

ccl are offering free postage on some items p?category_id=583

unless you have a specialist need - chuck is right - buy a cheap one ...
(I loose most of mine anyway - regularly)
if you are the careful but clumsy type ... ethel's roughy toughy stick is good .... but �7.23 postage is outrageous and �30 on a mem stick is bl**dy expensive (sorry E)
(if it's as tough as they say they should be able to send it by pigeon!

amazon is better at �3.70


and this little gizmo is cheap, ironically faster than most memory sticks, small enough to carry - but big enough to remember - I have 3 of them ... uct_id=9754&category_id=583&manufacturer_id=0& tid=zeus-4-cibox

tesco are selling 2Gb ones for �5 as well!
Do what the above say.

Buy cheap, and buy enough capacity for what you need.

If you're doing graphic design or something else with lots of large images, go for a larger one (4GB or so). Otherwise, 1GB or 2GB will do for storing essays and things like that.

Expect to lose it, or for it to stop working.

Make backups of the data on it (don't store your final essay on just that USB stick!).

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memory stick/usb flash drive ect

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