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I can't read my AB answers

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sara3 | 21:24 Wed 09th Jul 2008 | Technology
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I posed a question, responded to one reply and now I can't view any answers. I can still see my question and I have rec'd emails to say other answers have been posted, but I just get this under my question..

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e2f' Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Answer', table '@tAnswers'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. /Toolkit/answ.asp, line 599

any ideas? I can still read other people's Q & A's.


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if you mean the scrabble auestion it's doing the same for me... on 2 different browsers so nothing your end, so probably nothing you can do about it... reckon its AB having a glitch
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thank you Mr F, you are a star *
i am having the same problem

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I can't read my AB answers

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