installing programs

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Elmek | 11:14 Sun 22nd Jun 2008 | Technology
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i`ve always assumed that when you install a new program on the pc you have to install it in the the main C: drive. is this so or can i put them on my secondary internal drive and run them from there?


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put them wherever you want, you normally have to select advanced or similar when you start the setup and then during the install and it will prompt you for the install path which will be something like:

c:\program files\myprogram

Just change the c to the drive letter of the drive you want to install to and away you go.

>put them wherever you want

Not totally true, I would nto install a program on an external drive connected via USB.

If the drive is unplugged it could cause problems.

Also if the drive is plugged back it it MAY use a different drive letter than may cause problems.

But any internal drive should be OK.
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thanks v much guys, i`ll go shift some stuff about then

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installing programs

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