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Buzzardist | 11:25 Sun 22nd Jun 2008 | Technology
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Help please; trying to show videos from my Medion Laptop onto TV.
Got S Video Cable & Stereo Cable from Maplin, connected, sound is ok but cannot get visual. Maplin guy says I must press a function key but does not know which. I have tried all, plus each one in tandem with the Fn key: No luck.
Set up for alternative Monitor and found AV Channel 2 on tv displays a blank screen with my cursor but still no pix.
Clearly I have got the connection but am missing some instruction on the laptop, any hints would be appreciated.


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What model is it?
Question Author
Hi Ethel,
Model No. MIM2020MD. Notebook PC8050MI.

I can't find any online manual for it.

My laptop has a key with two monitors on it, with an arrow going from one to the other.

Has yours got anything like that?
Question Author
have you got the correct display drivers installed?

right click anywhere on a empty part of your desktop and select properties to bring up the display properties and have a really good look round all the display options, including clicking on any advanced buttons there may be and see if you can see anything about changing displays.

If there is nothing in there you may have to install the proper display drivers for that model to be able to use the TV output.
Question Author
Thanks Chuck, I already accessed properties which is where I set up the secondary monitor. I have now loooked at Medion Site but am struggling to understand which drivers I may or may not have and which I might need.
just read your question properly, if you are seeing the curser then you have the output to the TV working, you may need to disable the LCD display on the laptop to see video on the TV as they tend not to like running both displays at the same time when showing videos.
Question Author
Further to that, I have now located the user manual on the Medion Site, Downloaded and studying. Thanks for your help. (I may be back!)

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Medion Laptop to TV

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