what is the Difference?

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Joe Shmoe | 11:48 Sat 14th Jun 2008 | Technology
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What is the difference between an SD card and an SDHC card ? And Which is best? Thank You :-D


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Is the answer

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SD (secure digital) cards where the original format and had an upper size limit of 2gb

SDHC (secure digital high capacity) are a development of the origianl SD cards to allow sizes greater than 2gb

SD cards will work in anything that says it will takeSD or SDHC cards, but SDHC cards may not work in older stuff that was designed solely for use with the original SD card.
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Thank you all for your replies.
JJ that is a great answer! Unfortunately it does not answer this question.:-D.
CF That answers my question fully Thank You. :-D
AC From a financial point of view your answer says it all. :-D
Thanks again.

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