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laptop not playing dvds?

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jonny the fo | 20:07 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Technology
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Hi can anyone help, already posted a question but no answer-thought i would try again-getting desperate. Have an Acer apsire laptop and it will not play dvds. Boyf did something to it and now can't fix it-typical!
In device manager it says it is detected and working but in My Computer it has a red circle with a line through it!

Any Advice PLEASE?
Sarah x


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Can you right click on the icon in My Computer, and then click 'properties'?
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yes it will let me do that, i am really not brilliant with computers though-but would like to fix it while he is at work! haha, It also comes up with a box saying 'optical drive device locked'.

Any ideas?
Take a deep breath.

Go into Add/remove programs and remove Acer's Elock.

That will cure it.
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I have done as you suggested and unfortunately the problem is still there? Any more thoughts?

Sorry to be difficult, i just don't know where else to turn!

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I will give it a go, have posted on there just waiting for an answer! Thanks for the advice!! xx Must add that Answerbank was an accidental find and i love it! Been so helpful and lovely people!
Googled this...seems it's an old but fixable problem...posts towards the bottom of page. spx?PostID=1582422&SiteID=17
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Thanks Becca, definitely looks like the same problem, Makes me wonder if my laptop is rubbish! Looking at all the people with the same problem.
Will read through it all, and try some of the things on the link.
Cheers x
Certainly describes the same problem...if you do disable the AdminWorks Agent X6 service be sure to do a restore point beforehand.

Hope it works.

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laptop not playing dvds?

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