Playing DVDs on laptop

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willowman | 08:32 Sat 06th May 2006 | Technology
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I am trying to put all my old recorded VHS videos onto DVD. I have a VHS/DVD player/recorder and am using the dubbing facility to record onto DVD-R discs. The recorded DVDs will play OK on the TV, but I cannot get them to play on my laptop. If I insert a recorded disc into the laptop and look at Properties it shows that the disc is 100% full, but has 0 bytes.

I have tried playing the disc with Windows Media Player and also the inbuilt DVD player (for the life of me I can't remember what it's called), but get no response.

Are the systems incompatible? Am I doing something wrong, or not set the laptop up correctly?. Any help greatly appreciated.


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Have you finalised the dvd recordings on the recorded that was used to make the recordings?

If you haven't they will not play on any other machine.

It could be either

a) your laptop drive is not DVD compatible.

b) your laptop firmware/drivers need to be updated so it will recognise certain DVD-R's

Right click on the drive in My Computer, select properties and click on the hardware tab. Google the drive details and get the latest info from the manufacturers website.

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Playing DVDs on laptop

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