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delayed | 20:52 Sun 22nd Apr 2007 | Technology
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does anyone have the package with sky that includes tv..broadband..& they have an offer on at the moment and i wondered if it was any good..
thanks ...


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I would urge you to atay away from Sky broadband. I became active on Sky broadband in November 2006 from AOL and the projected speeds are no where near the marketed values.

There is frequent disconnections that drive you crazy. As soon the the noise margin on your line drops below 5.5dB then your router couts you off. They also place a cap on your line for testing purposes sometimes and "forget" to take it off and you have to sit on teh phone for an hour to get them to fix it.

Dont take my word for it, visit and read through the broadband trouble thread.

You will see that you need to be fairly knowledgable in broadband to live with sky BB, no good really.

I would shop around, and also if you are a keen gamer you can forget your gaming on sky, due to the constant disconnections.

hope you shop around.
I have Sky Broadband and have had no trouble at all, and the download speed I'm getting is faster than from my old BB ISP (Wanadoo/Orange). The connection seems to be more stable too.

I guess it depends on where you live as to the level of service you get.
Hi guys i agree with Mr sprinkles on this, i am a user on all three ( fone, bb and tv) and the router i have never had a problem with, the fone is free weekends and eves, and the tv speaks for itself, it all costs me about 50 quid a month and as i swear by sky tv i dont have a problem with the cost.

Although the problem that i have with the email facility is that its not reliable so i just go straight to outlook express instead as that works.

So it works out 4 me at �5 a month 4 the fone, �10 a month for bb and �35 for tv.
sorry mr sparkle not sprinkles!!!!!
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thanks everyone for your advise..i will probably shop around...
I Have been on the 3 sky pkg for only a month but I think it is Ace.

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