How Do I connect my TV, DVD, SKY & Video

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DebbieS1 | 13:26 Tue 13th Mar 2007 | Technology
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How Do I connect my TV, DVD, Cable & Video

I have:

1 TV with 3 Scart Sockets

1 DVD with 2 Scart Sockets

1 VCR with 2 Scart Sockets

1 SKY Box with 2 Scart Sockets


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Is your dvd a recorder, or just a player?
If it is a dvd player try this wizard rd.html
Well, I have a similar, albeit more complicated set-up:

TV, Sky+, DVD Recorder, DVD Player, VCR & PS2. My TV has only 2 SCARTS, but component in also.

The optimum set-up is to connect the Sky box to the recording device (VCR/DVDR) via the TV SCART out on the Sky box (as opposed to the VCR out). Then connect the SCART out on the recording device to the SCART in on the TV (AV1). This allows recording of RGB signals (best possible quality via SCART), which will also then be passed through to the TV via the recorder. Also, playing video tapes will be fine. This of course assumes your recording device supports this, most do and will still pass the signal through when in Standby, although you will need to check this if you are recording using a VCR. You would then simply connect your DVD player via SCART to the TV, quite a simple set-up really, requiring 3 SCART cables.

Of course if your DVD player and TV support it, you would get an even better quality picture using a component cable, although then you would also need to channel the sound to the TV via phono cable, so maybe forget this for now.

Simple option is to use 3 SCARTs as above J

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How Do I connect my TV, DVD, SKY & Video

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