Can't get on to windows

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ermadea | 21:31 Thu 15th Feb 2007 | Technology
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My son-in-law is having trouble in that he cannot get the computer to start with windows xp, he has an error message saying this
"/Systems 32/HA L . Dll. is missing" Does anyone have any advice to offer him please, his anti-virus quarranteened this file, he has no idea what to do, if he re installs xp his wifes whole uni work is on there, and she can't afford to lose it, any help would be appreciated, many thanks


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Why has that file been quarantined?? take a look at this link, see if it helps .php?t=94651 if not, just google the >>> "/Systems 32/HA L . Dll. is missing" and see what comes up, loads of stuff on there!! I think you can also re-install windows without loosing files, it just re-writes the window files without formatting!, good luck!!
Get the exact error message and put it into google.

At worst (and it'll probably not come to this but I'm too tired to give a 10 page detailed answer), he can repair his installation of Windows. To do that, (figure out how to) boot from the XP CD, do NOT choose repair the first time it offers it to you, go along the "reinstall" route and then you'll be offered the option to repair shortly after. This will just repair these types of file : the dll's and will leave all the documents and installed programs intact.

Actually, try booting in Safe Mode first : hit F8, F5 and Esc like a maddie as the PC boots.
Good luck.
I know it is not directly helping your problem, but you should encourage your son-in-law to back up his Uni work on a regular basis.

A computer can breakdown at any time, a hard disk can crash, or a computer can even be stolen.

You should ALWAYS be in a situation that if a PC cannot be used for any reason you always have the files backed, to either a CD or DVD, or even stored on someone elses computer, just in case.

I know it is a but late in this case, but it is worth remembering.
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After much deliberation alas the hard drive is no more, he is left with an irreperable hard drive, thank you so much to RATTER15 and stevie21 for your advice, but unfortunately nothing could be done, he took it to a computer shop and got the bad news today, also thank you to vehelpfulguy for your sound advice, luckily my daughter had backed her course work up on a usb stick, so it's at least some good news, it has taught me a lesson, in that Iam going to back up all my files.

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Can't get on to windows

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