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Fingerprint | 23:03 Sat 14th Oct 2006 | Technology
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I'm having problems with spam emails. I use a btinternet email account and usually check my emails through outlook express from my desktop. I have recently been experiencing problems with my pc running slowly and couldnt figure out what the problem was.

By chance I checked my btinternet email account on the actual online mailbox. I found that my bulk mail folder which captures spam email full of large emails all from people with different names. The majority of the emails included links to pornographic material and a few of them were advertising different stocks and shares.

Once I deleted these emails my pc seemed to go back to it's normal speed but the problem is that I am recieving so many that my pc keeps slowing down until I delete them.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this or stop these emails coming to me?



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Don't quite get where you are coming from as you seem to misunderstand a few things.

First and foremost, nothing online (apart from maybe using file sharing or rogue sites with constant pop ups) is going to slow down your PC. You say these mails are in your bulk account (spam) and these are NOT downloaded when you use outlook, so they have no bearing on anything. They are also deleted periodically, tho new ones take their place. It's spam, you can't stop it. On the same subject, if I were you I'd actually check this folder online a bit more often - mine picks up spam but it's also been known to pick up stuff I wanted.

I would suggest something else is wrong - a program running in the background that can be got rid of maybe. Try running a virus check too, or try Defragmenting the drive or cleaning with window washer or C Cleaner.
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Try basic things like defragging mighte speed up things slightly.

As for Spam.......theres not much you can do about it, I have my own personel email for friends and one for me signing up to newsletters etc.

Here one thing to bare in mind most spam emails are send through email add. generators so if you add a few Numbers in your email its reduces your spam slightly.

Hope this helps

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