xvid video compression

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manutdstott | 10:47 Sun 20th Apr 2003 | Technology
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does anyone know anything about converting to vcd, i have downloaded several movies of the net, but at a certain point in the film it freezes whilst i'm encoding them but the sound stil plays, i have noticed its on video compression, its (xvid) types, but i'm sure i have all the codecs i need, any ideas please.


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Right, i'll try and explain some stuff as best I can, but i'm not sure how much you already know. Vcds are easy to make using Nero burning software. Convert the (avi?) file to an mpeg one using something like VirtualDub or NanDub, then just open a Vcd file in Nero and drop the mpeg in. The Xvid bit shouldnt matter if you're encoding it, you only need the right codecs if you want to watch it. The only thing at the moment I can suggest for the freezing bit is Vcds should be split up into sections not greater than about 60mins I think - use VirtualDub to split it up. For a lot more help, try these sites:
Im close but no cigar, write a bit more stuff and i'll have another go!!

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xvid video compression

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