How Good Is HD TV ?

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Mickey_Blue | 21:58 Wed 31st May 2006 | Technology
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Im seriously considering going for the Sky HD TV but can anyone recommend it ? and how good is it and is it worth the �299 plus the extra �10 subscription.

thanks for your feedback ......Mick



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I should wait a bit - only a few programmes will be broadcast in HD for a while, and the price will come tumbling down in the run up to Christmas.

*sorry for mentioning Christmas in May!*

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yes a good point Ethel actually but i still wonder how good it is quality wise.

*o` little town of Bethlehem..ded da de...*

I saw a demo in Dixons - it looks fab! Excellent picture reproduction.

Doesn't make the quality of the programme content any better though....

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Ok thanks Ethel .

Oh - and you have got the HD ready tv as well, I presume?

Otherwise it is pointless.

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Yes recently bought a 32" samsung Hd ready tv.
Apparently, the HDTV demonstrations in places like Dixons use DVDs that are easy for the TV to reproduce, i.e. slow moving, low contrast or whatever.
I was watchin a demo in comets the other day it was the National geographical's HD channel, and have to say it looked excellent, it was all under water stuff in some tropical location so the vibrant colours of the fish and corals looked awsome, i would go as far as comparing the difference to looking at two photos, one printed on photo quality paper the other on normal paper.

Of course it was being shown on a �2000 tv and the broadcast was the ideal showcase for this.

I would not order Sky HD yet.

They have had supply problems with the HD boxes and even people who ordered when it was first announced are having trouble getting it installed. Read here:

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Thanks everyone for the comments and that link vhelpfulguy. Yes i think i`ll wait a while yet. I wonder if The Great Escape " will be broadcast in HD at christmas. :) Tnx again....Mick

Remember when you're looking at displays in places like Dixons you're standing right in front of the set, not at your normal viewing distance.

The difference is more noticable the nearer you are and the larger the set

Mickey_Blue: the great escape will not be broadcast in HD... it wasn't filmed in HD so it can't be.

and I agree with the above, wait for a little while longer.
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thankyou fo3nix :)

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