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Mickey_Blue | 12:18 Fri 24th Feb 2006 | Technology
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I`m looking to buy an Epson printer with cd printing capabilty and reasonably priced compatible replacement ink cartridges . Anyone recommend one please. I have googled it but i`d like to know if anyone has first hand experienced with the said printers.

Thanks in advance. Mick


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canon ip3000, much cheaper ink cartridges good quality printing with cd printing around �80

What made you decide to go for Epson?

I just bought a Canon 4200 (�72 inc at and I'm really impressed. The resolution is great (seems to be much better than other printers of a similar price), it can print directly onto CDs and it has separate ink cartridges. The replacement ink is expensive but I'm hoping the photos won't fade if I use the proper ink.

The photos are as good as I get from a shop!

I have a photo R300 and though a little slow on top quality printing, the said quality is can print direct without a PC and as you requested can do cds.........

..The Epson cartridges are VERY expensive...the cost for the six being around �70 at my last check...HOWEVER I have now sourced the compatibles from �12 pounds the set to as little as �8 pounds and as far as I can see there is NO difference whatsoever in colour or print quality.......I might add I have been using compatibles in this and other Epson printers for about 7 years and the prints I made early on are still great.

The little bonus is the built in card reader and though mine cost �125mtwo years ago I have seen it at around �85 .......

....I wholy recommend this printer..............commoner.
I have an Epsom r300 ,quality is very good if I use epsom cartridges (�60 from Argos) but not so good when i have tried compatibles.Printing to cd is really easy

Go for the Epson R220 (less than �60 if you shop around) takes the same compatible cartridges as my Epson R200. Great results and great value. (The R300 is similar but has slots for memory cards - which you might not need).

PS. Check out sites for TDK's new Photo Quality (almost glossy) DVD blanks (SVP is one).

Commoner, good to hear from you again... Interesting that you've been using Epsons for so long. How long have you had the R300 for though? Has it not come up with the dreaded "parts inside your printer are at the end of their life" yet? I got his with my last Canon printer and found a patch for it. The Epson one (for the 200) was more difficult to find and to get working but I've now been successful and the printer is working fine.
I have an Epson R200 and although this model does require a PC,that apart, I agree with everythng else that commoner says about them, especially the cheap compatible cartridges.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback and your valued opinions . I may go for a R330 . cheers Mick
Commoner, where do you get the set for �12?, the cheapest i've seen is �25.
Hi Wideboy...had the R300 since they first appeared and had absolutely no problems.........not even with compatibles...the cheapest I have used are from Barnsley (South Yorkshire) Market and have been at least equal to Epson carts.

....good luck Mickey...a great choice..........commoner

Rizla, try 7dayshop, Touchstone resources, Novatech and SVP or BigPockets (maybe even Picshop).

Lots of adverts at the back of the weekly Micro Mart.

you can get all 6 cartridges for �6 at nemax in hull
sorry thats

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