Anybody using VoipCheap? Opinions please

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Ethel | 11:03 Fri 24th Feb 2006 | Technology
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I have been using Skype for quite some time but this service offers FREE calls to landlines and a FREE phone number so landlines can call me.

Has anyone got experience of this company?


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I think The Gadget Show tested the VOIP services and Skype came out on top for call quality/cost etc.

If you do get it then let me know how you get on, I use Skype for work so I'm worried it'd conflict if I downloaded this one aswell and leave me with nothing!
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Thanks jon.

Skype costs me 1.1p a minute to call landlines, so free is cheaper. Skype also charge for SkypeIn, this one doesn't.

Skype is expensive for 0845 numers, this one is 3p a minute, so that's cheaper.

I've downloaded it, no conflict with Skype, but I have to credit them �10 before I can make free calls for more than 1 minute!

I used them when they first came out - and you only had to top up your account with �1.00. I used it to call a mate in Australia and connection was fine.

That said, I have not renewed my contract for two main reasons:

  1. I don't really call anyone abroad - if I called my mate in Aus a lot, then I would think it worthwhile.

  2. I prefer a cordless phone. I have a large house and like to wander round it whilst on the phone - not something you can do with VOIP.

Personally I use which ahs a 3p connection charge, but after that normal landline calls are free. This means that I can chat to a mate for 59 minutes in anyy part of the country for 3p. Much more worthwhile than Skype and more convenient to use than voipcheap.

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Thanks oneeyedvic.

Have bluetooth headset - no wires! As I am non-bt I do find those services a flaff, I have to dial a long phone number first, wait for prompts...

And of course Telewest would charge 6p connection fee, making the connection fee alone 9p. Grrr!
Yes, I use VoipCheap. It works OK-ish.

Voice quality is also OK.

You need to buy credits if you want to make calls lasting more than 1 minute.

Don't expect any response from Cust Services. :-(

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Anybody using VoipCheap? Opinions please

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