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Youtube Playing Up

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wolf63 | 16:02 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | Technology
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I use two laptops.  I surf and work on one and use the other to watch YouTube or catch up TV.  Normally there are no problems.  

YT has been endlessly buffering for the last few days with the big swirly circle thinyg in the middle.  It keeps seizing up.

I have shut down both computers and left them off for a while and then restarted them.  I have also rebooted the router.  Nothing seems to be working.

Is there an obvious reason for this happening that I have missed?  Virgin Media tells me that I have M250 fibre broadband.

Any ideas?



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Thanks, I will work my way through the hints.  😃

Do an independent speed test with either ookla or to see if your connection is what it should be.

It's spent time buffering for me of late, too. Usually waiting for a darned ad to load.

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Youtube Playing Up

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