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Monitor For Recording Miles Walked.

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JuniperEccles | 17:28 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Technology
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Despite searching high and low I can't find a device to monitor the amount of miles I've walked, only the number of steps.  Any suggestions, please?



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My fitbit records both.

Measure the length of your average step and multiply by the number of steps...would give a reasonable approximation.

If you have a smart phone you can use that

Simply add the MapMyWalk app to any mobile phone.  It's free and, although you're required to sign up for an account, it doesn't try to push any paid-for services at you.

Set the app going at the start of your walk (which the app insists upon calling a 'workout') in order to end up with a map of where you've walked, together with the time taken and the distance covered.  (You can pause the app at any time, so that your craft visit to a pub during your walk isn't included in the calculations).

Screenshots here:

^^^ . . . and link here:

Any traditional pedometer will only ever be able to count steps, rather than distance, although it might have a facility to offer a rough conversion between the two (based upon the user's average stride length).  That's because it works solely on the body's motion, with no way of knowing its actual location at any point in time.

For an accurate calculation of distance, a device with built-in GPS is needed, such as a smartphone.  (Hence my recommendation for the MapMyWalk app above).

If you've not got a smartphone, you'll need a device with its own GPS facility, such as the Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch:

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Many thanks, everyone.  How does Buenchico know we call into the pub?

Buen is omnipotent, he knows everything 

I use an app likek this does distance, steps calories the lot;hl=en_GB


Track distance walked in miles on your phone using the Google Fit app.
- Install Google Fit on your phone and enable permissions;hl=en_US
- Upon initial setup, it will ask for your age, height, weight, and fitness goals.
- To track a specified walk, open the app and tap the multi-colored + sign. Select Track Workout>activity type>walking
- Press start. When completed, press stop.
- Besides steps taken and heart rate, distance walked in miles, and time taken will be displayed.
-When no activity is specified, the Google Fit app detects your activity utilizing your phone's sensors. By reviewing times and locations, you can also determine miles walked.

Oops, correction to above. Heart rate is not measured.

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Monitor For Recording Miles Walked.

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