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Trouble With Wi-Fi On My Iphone 11

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SurreyGuy | 14:19 Wed 29th May 2024 | Technology
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My iPhone 11 started doing something strange yesterday.

I usually have wi-fi switched on on my phone.

However, I now need to have wi-fi turned OFF on my phone in order to access Facebook, Twitter and a dating app (don't judge!), and WhatsApp is also playing up (my messages now don't send immediately).

My phone is working on the latest operating system and was updated about a week ago. It was working fine till yesterday.

Can anyone please tell me why my phone has started doing all of this? 



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Does everything else work ok on WiFi?

Question Author

@Barry1010 - yes, everything works fine.

Try switching phone and/or router off, wait, then on again.

Question Author

@Old_Geezer - I've tried that more than once.

Unsure what else to try then as it seems that the WiFi between phone & router is the issue, and may need resetting.


If a power cycle of both did nothing, maybe check the WiFi settings at both are still correct.

Question Author

@Old_Geezer - done that :o)

It's driving me NUTS!!!!

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Trouble With Wi-Fi On My Iphone 11

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