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Why Does My Ip Address Say I Am Somewhere Else

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renegadefm | 13:14 Wed 29th May 2024 | Technology
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When I do an IP address check on my own IP address, it says I'm somewhere else, and miles from where I live. 


It's the same for both my mobile data or if I switch to my routers WiFi. 


Is this normal, because how do some people detect exactly who and where you are from email IP addresses etc when in my experience it seems inaqurate. 



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Perhaps that's where your service provider is ?

my computer thinks I'm anywhere from Brighton to Glasgow. That's fine, the less it knows about me the better.

Most people have a 'Dynamic' IP address. It'll vary every time you log on, giving you an approximate area.

A 'Static' address will show the same value each time you're on.

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The Builder, 



But if inaqurate how can someone be caught then when using illegal firestick and streaming illegal movies or downloading music illegally etc? 

The same happens with me. It says hackers can see my location, then gives a location that's miles from here. 

Checking the IP address also shows your internet provider which helps officials track down dodgy people.  They ask the internet provider for your details

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Why Does My Ip Address Say I Am Somewhere Else

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