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Arrods | 15:14 Thu 16th May 2024 | Technology
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On the basis if you don't ask .....

I have a live camera feed to my garden pond which I can view on my iphone.  I get a notification when movement is detected.

If I see the pesky heron trying to help itself to a fish supper, I'd like to be able to remotely activate some form of noise or other mechanical (e.g. a Nerf gun!) way of scaring it off.  

Is this do-able do you think?  Thank you.



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Have you got an outside electric socket?

Have you got neighbours that might complain about random loud noises?

Question Author

Yes barry10 - outside power is there.

Neighbours have dogs and children, so no worries there!

My idea is that I'd probably only need to 'activate' the 'device' once or twice a day.  Herons are quite twitchy.  I only have to move the curtains and they're off.

Question Author

Thanks bookbinder - but it's only the herons I want to scare off.  I've bird feeders and nesting boxes as I like to attract all species - apart from herons!

You could buy an external siren that works with Alexa, you might need a smart plug. 

A water jet can be controlled from a monitor to automatically spray anything detected without disturbing you. Used for cats.


Of course it may be that wild animals work it out and continually use it as their shower. Plus malicious individuals may choose to pull the supply pipe off and flood your garden.

Question Author

Thanks barry1010 - will look into that. 

Question Author

Yes OG, I'd be worried about leaving a hose plugged in, particularly if the connection failed and caused a flood. 

My brother once told me that he put a thin twine around his pond at Heron ankle level. As it was a see through twine the herons got spooked when they walk into it and flew off

Question Author

Thanks 14/85.  I know some owners put strings around their pond but I'd not thought of see through (e.g. fishing line). 

Question Author

Thanks again barry1010. Having looked at the smart plug idea I think that might work. 

The water jet idea is doable using a Wi-Fi irrigation controller. You can remotely fire off a sprinkler to scare the birds.

Question Author

Just caught up with your answer Psalme.  Thankk you.

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