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Fridge Blowing Out Moist Air At The Back

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renegadefm | 14:32 Wed 15th May 2024 | Technology
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Came down this morning and noticed the cupboard under the sink which is next to the built in fridge has moist air blowing out the cupboard, which I assume is coming from the back of the fridge. 


Is this normal for a fridge to commit so much misty air?  At first I wondered what the hell was going on, the cupboard was commiting like a fine spray.


Any ideas? 



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Empty the fridge and make sure the vents aren't blocked

Water supply? Tiny hole in rising main causing fine spray?

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I can't see it coming from a mains pipe, but recently the fridge has been frosting up badly even turned down to 2.



Your vents/drain holes are blocked.  Mine are over the motor, towards the back of the fridge.  A lettuce leaf had lodged over it.  I now use a cable tie every time I clean the fridge to make sure the vents and drain holes are clear.  

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Turns out it was a tiny pin prick size hole in one of the water pipes causing a spray

Thanks for letting us know.

Doesn't explain the fridge frosting up though 

So, I was right after all....!


^ it was a rhetorical question, obs.

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No that was puzzling, the fridge is over 20 years old so it's probably packed up like the pipe. Just a coincidence. 

Have you checked the drain holes inside the fridge?

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Fridge Blowing Out Moist Air At The Back

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