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Spell Checker On Ab

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andy-hughes | 11:37 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Technology
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I recall that the Answer Box used to have an inbuilt spell checker, but this no longer seems to operate.

Is there a way to get it back please?



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I don't think it ever did - that would have been a feature of your browser

If not a spell check, a basic edit function that allows you to edit a post within a certain timeframe of making it would be a great help. Most typos or arguments with my spellcheck are seen within seconds of hitting the "answer now" button.

Anything more than a few lines I usually type in a Word document and copy and paste it into AB.

The spellchecker works fine on my iPad using the Brave browser

Never had a spell checker here as I recall. If there was it may have prevented the tech from getting away with apparently changing my typing for a laugh after I'd written (and checked) it.

See jimF 19:23 on this topic;

Once installed it's super. I have a link to it on my bookmarks bar on this PC and my laptop.

if you follow that thread, jimF was very patient with me & we got there in the end

^^ I'm sorry, apologies. I made a quick search through my questions & assumed that was it, didn't check.

That is the url which starts , 'javascript...'  ?

I am eternally grateful to you and use it all the time, thanks - others please note .


No problem. The link you gave has some javascript, so easy mistake to make.

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Spell Checker On Ab

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