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Internet Landline

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fruitsalad | 18:14 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Technology
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Are there any providers that do not use bt/open reach, lines, I am waiting for bt to clear the underground box they use for their cables,  which is full of mud and they cannot pull the cables  through, until its been cleared,  I could be waiting a while, and I would like to get something set up asap



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Yep Virgin. We have this.

Though it might not be quick ...

If you get a good 5G signal you could get a 5G router and unlimited data SIM.  All landlines will be switched to VOIP so you could get a VOIP phone 



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Virgin does not cover my area

There are smaller providers that use their own "full fibre" connections. But as with Virgin, I'd imagine it would not be quick. They do have longer term advantages though.

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Internet Landline

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