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Problem With Duckduckgo Browser

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barry1010 | 08:35 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Technology
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My wife uses DDG on her PC and is keen to stick with it but she plays a FB game now and again and there is an icon to make the game full screen, which she needs.

Since yesterday, clicking the full screen icon makes no difference.  The arrows within the icon (to indicate full screen or regular) change for a second but not the screen size.  It works on other browsers but she prefers to play on DDG.

I'm guessing it is a pop up blocker but I don't know and I can't find a way to fix it.    Any ideas will be very welcome.



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She could try clicking on the settings on the page, and selecting disable privacy protection. That might do it? 

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Good suggestion, TSP - and we were hopeful, but after restarting the browser, no change.  

Try restoring the browser to its default settings:

Settings > All Settings > Reset All Settings > Confirm

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Thanks, Buen, but no 'all settings' under 'settings'

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Problem With Duckduckgo Browser

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