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Old_Geezer | 12:27 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Technology
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If the Internet assures me that the site in the title is safe & legitimate, why would the site itself warn me that their download may be unsafe ? Do they not store the legitimate versions from legitimate app creators after all ?


(And why, if a category wasn't selected beforehand, does AB only offer top level forums to chose from ?)



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I would suggest that it is simple a catch-all disclaimer.

If they deny responsibility for any negative results from using their site, they are not culpable, and action cannot be taken against them.

It doesn't mean that anything bad will happen, only that they are saying it's not their fault if it does.

Think of it in the same way as the list of thirty potential side-effects you may suffer from any prescribed medication - you will probably suffer none at all, but if you do, they are not to blame.

Question Author

Did wonder.


You are most welcome.

If you have to enable "Allow unknown sources", you have to wonder why the app isn't on Googleplay.


Maybe because Google Play make their money by taking a cut on app sales? So they discourage sources outside their market place.



Question Author

Dunno about Google Play, but their Play Store only does the latest version  which apparently isn't suitable for my mobile, Android version 10. So when I deleted the existing app to try to fix a minor issue I wasn't allowed to reload it anew.

iv used apkmirror + there are similar sites offering apk's for anyone wondering what an apk is, it's like software but for android operating systems phones some tvs etc, the site is safe.

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There certainly is. I've an eye on something has, but I've not got around to trying that yet. I hope they also are trustworthy.

oldversion has some bad reviews..

Question Author

That's unfortunate. Hadn't checked them. But was confused as the item I was interested in there says the latest version is 'miles' behind the one that really is latest. Seemed weird.

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