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Barometric Pressure

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fripfrip | 22:48 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | Technology
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When the barometric air pressure is low would this cause the sealed pressure gauge on a central heating system to fall,checked and found no leaks,thanks in advance for any answers.



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If it was going to affect it at all it would cause it to rise. The pressure inside the sealed system relative to the atmospheric pressure outside would increase. however, such a difference would be minimal. For a start the difference between "High" and "Low" atmospheric pressure in the UK is no more than about 70 millibars (compared to about 2 bar in the sealed system). But as well as that, the effect of any changes in atmospheric pressure on a system sealed inside largely rigid vessels and pipes would be absolutely miniscule. 

I'm assuming this is a 'combi' system, frip?

As M'lud has said, it's miniscule, and anyway, that's why the pressure vessel is there: to 'soak up' any variations in pressure.


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OK,thank you for your sound advice.

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Barometric Pressure

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