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Can You Have 2 Gmail Adresses?

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johnk | 08:13 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Technology
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I like to keep business and personal mail seperate so can I have 2 Gmail addresses and how is it done?



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You can have as many  GMAIL addresses as you want.

Just invent the next one you wish to have.

But one of them needs to be the one that links to your account. 

I have 3 Gmail addresses, the main one linked to my Google account.

Just log out of your GMail, then click the link to create a new email address.


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Thanks, I'll give that a try

Yes, you can have as many as you want. I've had to set up new addresses after finding I couldn't access original ones. I had a Hotmail address years ago then for some reason I suddenly couldn't sign in, I'd just get the little perpetual wheel. Same with AOL and Virgin emails. I now have a yahoo address and never had any problems with it. 

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Can You Have 2 Gmail Adresses?

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