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Private Number Or Number Withheld

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Karamia | 22:35 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Technology
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I get a few calls from businesses which are expected but say  'private number' or 'caller has withheld number'. Is there a code that can be used prior to dialling  or a setting on a mobile phone to make a call out show as private number as a one off? 

I know on landlines it used to be 141 before dialling but this does not work on mobile. 



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Bit out my depth here, but would #31# followed by the number work  ?

iPhone has "Show my caller ID" in settings that can be turned on or off

Question Author

Will give that a try Sam.

Thanks calmck but was asking about android mobile.

It would just be handy when making enquiries but don't particularly want companies to have my number for call backs.

There's no 'one off' method, per se.  ( can't simply enter a code to prevent your number being forwarded).  You have to turn off the feature before making a call and then, assuming that you want to, turn it back on afterwards.

On my Samsung Galaxy A12, the relevant setting is found by opening the Phone app, tapping the three dots at the top right, selecting 'Settings' and then 'Supplementary services'.

Question Author

Thanks, Chris! 

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ so will have to try your suggestion. Hope they are not too dissimilar. 😊

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Private Number Or Number Withheld

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