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Private/Unknown call

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cazzer_1 | 12:12 Tue 05th Jul 2005 | Technology
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On my mobile if I get a call from (presumably) a withheld number it comes up on the display as Private number but sometimes it says Unknown Caller. What is the difference between these two? Thanks


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If it's anything like my phone, a "private number" is one where the caller has withheld their number, and "Unknown Caller" means that the caller's number isn't in your address book.

The latter is kind of pretty useless info if you get the former.
This is usually from a call centre (abroad)...the number system is not recognised by BT NTL etc at all as they have special lines......Hence why it's not even shown as international.
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Thanks for the info - if the number isn't in my phone book it usually displays the number (not unknown) unless the number is withheld. But the call centre answer explains it! Thanks to both of u

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Private/Unknown call

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