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Dvd Not Compatible

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Hazlinny | 12:52 Sun 03rd Sep 2023 | Technology
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Jessops transferred some photos on to a DVD - when I put it on to play it states "not compatible". ? reason and is there any way I can get it to play? Other DVDs are OK.


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What are you trying to play it on? DVD player connected to TV or your pc/laptop?
What do you mean by "play"?
Are you putting the disc into a PC or a DVD player?
If it's a PC, can you "explore" the disc and see what files are on it and in what format?
Do you expect it to list the contents and allow you to choose which file you want to display or do you expect it to show the pictures one by one?
Question Author
DVD player connected to TV.
Since photos are not a video format, they are not converted to a DVD. Instead, photos are converted to a photo CD, designed for use on a computer, not a DVD player. This disc will not be playable as a movie to watch on your television.
Probably the format is not compatible with your player. What make and model is it?
In that case I suspect Jessops have simply copied the photos onto a DVD as JPEGs. If you want them to play on a DVD player you need to tell Jesspos that as the format is completely different.
Question Author
^^13.14 I did wonder about that - I'll send it back and, hopefully,they will sort it out ... maybe?
You will need to tell them the formats that your dvd player can read.
Mine will display jpeg images on a DVD but not all do
You could buy a cheap external dvd player for your pc/laptop
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13.13 I have had photo DVDs previously but, at that time, I had a PC and was able to play them. Now I use a tablet.

Barry/ I am not great on technology other than basic stuff - I do have another DVD player - maybe get the local guy to sort it out.
Does your TV have a USB that will read photos? It is surprising how many do.
It would be an easy thing to get the photos on the DVD transferred to USB.

In the meantime dig out the manual for the other DVD player or look it up online and see what formats it plays, assuming it is not hooked up to a tv
Question Author
From what Floko said at 13.13, the photos must be on a CD not a DVD?

All I want for Xmas is a techie brain!!!
My DVD plays photos on DVDs
Question Author
Thanks Barry and others ...I have emailed Jessops to see what they say. Will also call the guy at local TV shop - he's a wizard!
I do hope Jessops can fix the problem. Best of luck to you.
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^^^ Thank you - it contains a lot of memories.
Years ago there was a format called PhotoCD. The photos would be stored on the disk in PhotoCDformat, not as jpgs.

For DVDs photos can be stored as jpgs. Some DVD players don’t care where they are stored on the disk, others expect them to be stored in folders. No folder = nothing to play.

There is also the option that the DVD is created in a format that can only be read by a PC (and thus not readable by a Mac either). This also means that other files could be added to the DVD.

What you need is the DVD to be mastered/finalised and it should be readable by anything - but the location of the files would still matter.
The bottom line is we need to know exactly what format the disc is written in and without a DVD reader attached to a computer we're struggling unless Jessops are able to tell us.

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Dvd Not Compatible

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