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I Hate Computers They Make My Life So Much Harder

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bluefortress | 15:29 Sun 02nd Jul 2023 | Technology
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I hate this modern world, I wish for a world with no computers as they don’t help me one bit. If anything they made my job a lot harder a work with me not being able to log on most of the time, not knowing all the shortcuts that others know and I don’t even want to learn.

It seems that everytime I use a computor there is something that I can’t do and it takes me like an hour to solve. For example I couldn’t open and edit a document last time so had to purchase word

I am now trying to apply for a new job and I clicked to upload my CV and it is too big. I now have to figure out how to reduce the file but I didn’t want all this. So I’ve not bothered applying for the job as I don’t know what to do.

I find all this stuff hard to tolerate. Take me back to a world of pen and paper, I’m not even that old I’m still in my 30’s and hate computors


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I guess I was lucky, had to buy a pc years ago to do college work as I lived too far off site to work in the library. Just using it as a word processor to start with,then found some garden design software, and a cross stitch creator.... And built on what I could do, now while not being as good as some on here I am comfortable in most of the stuff I do.... Still no smartphone though.... So that's a whole new world of stuff I will have to get to grips with.... Soon.... apparently there's a course on digital photography using cameras in phones at my local college.... Might sign up
A job at Beamish Open Air Museum beckons perhaps?
No, they don't. Stop trying to run before you can walk. Find a course at your local college and learn what to do step by step.
As a 30 something I strongly advise you to find a course that can help you with the basics again. Our world is only going to get more reliant on technology and not less. Not everyone is brilliant at it and you are by no means alone but take a course to help you along the way rather than try to figure it all out yourself.

Sadly it’s an essential skill now like reading and writing.
The desire to go back is experienced by all humans at times, hence the existence of the word nostalgia in the dictionary. Young people especially often feel that they can trounce any problem and even conquer the world. Although we can't go back, we can renew our attitude daily with youthful vigor and vitality. To renew our attitude in this manner requires that we take control of the information we expose ourselves to in a day. When its original inspiration is understood, the Bible supplies the positive knowledge necessary for the believer to renew his mind.

Psalm 103:5 “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”

Computers and the Internet are not the cause of the overabundance of information we are exposed to. They are rather evidence of a truth that has long been acknowledged, that the nature of the world is to beat a person down. It does this by forcing distressing information upon us until we are burdened with negatives, gloomy and downcast. Recognizing this and responding effectively is a challenge we face daily. In light of this, you may especially enjoy chapter two of God's Magnified Word.

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I Hate Computers They Make My Life So Much Harder

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